Practical home assignments support learning, reinforcing and confirming your progress.
  • 50%: two assignments to be completed at home (released after modules two and four).
  • Assignment one: 25%
  • Assignment two: 25%
  • 50%: end of programme exam (open book, two-hour written exam, of which the first 30 minutes is reading time).
Participants must pass each assignment in order to be eligible to sit the exam. Further, participants must achieve 50% or above in the final exam to be eligible for the award of the diploma. The pass mark is set at 50% with distinction achieved at 70%.

Entry criteria

This programme has been designed to meet the needs of members of Chartered Accountants Ireland and post-FAE students still in contract.

Holders of a recognised accounting qualification or a degree at Level 8 on the NFQ or equivalent qualification in finance, business or other relevant fields are welcome to apply.

All applicants, other than members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, will be asked to submit evidence of their qualification with their application. (See our admission and awards criteria page for more details).

Members of Chartered Accountants Ireland will be awarded a Diploma in Forensic Accounting from Chartered Accountants Ireland under the ‘1966 ICAI Charter Amendment Act’

Other professionals will be awarded a Diploma in Forensic Accounting  by our training subsidiary Chartered Accountants Ireland Executive Education Ltd.

Our programmes are designed to meet a special purpose and continue at roughly a Masters level, expanding knowledge in a specific field.  Awards are made depending on the programme and the participant background by either Chartered Accountants Ireland or our Executive Education subsidiary.