Classroom programme


You will attend six weekend modules and be guided through the programme by our team of expert tutors and guest speakers, including barristers and Gardaí.
Due to the very practical nature of this programme, it is not available on a distance learning basis.

The programme is designed for qualified members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, but other qualified accountants are welcome to participate, places permitting.
The programme is also of interest to others within audit, legal and risk backgrounds.

Classroom tuition times and dates

  • Fridays from 2.00pm to 7.00pm
  • Saturdays from 9.00am to 2.00pm

There are six weekend classroom sessions, typically one per month.

Spring 2020 dates:

Friday 31 January and Saturday 1 February 2020
Friday 14 February and Saturday 15 February 2020
Friday 20 March and Saturday 21 March 2020
Friday 24 April and Saturday 25 April 2020
Friday 22 May and Saturday 23 May 2020
Friday 5 June and Saturday 6 June 2020
Final exam: Friday 10 July 2020

The programme will be hosted in Chartered Accountants House in Dublin 2.

Learning materials

An expansive folder of material has been designed with the needs of the learner in mind.