Diploma in Strategic Finance and Analytics

How to become a finance business partner

Technology is transforming business and revolutionising both the role and expectations of accountants. The pace of change is remarkable, making many traditional functions obsolete while at the same time creating new roles and opportunities. One thing is clear, the day of the 100-page financial report is well and truly gone.

Our new Diploma in Strategic Finance and Analytics is designed specifically to equip you to meet these challenges head on and to exploit these new and emerging opportunities. It will build the set of skills required to succeed in one of the fastest growing, most dynamic areas of finance today, as finance business partner.

On the programme you will learn about ‘big’ and ‘small’ data: how to manipulate, analyse and interpret it and to present it in a persuasive and influential manner. These skills will enable you to shift roles from ‘trusted observer’, to a more commercial role as strategist, analyst and adviser. You can move to a role where you actively partner with management and operations to influence the direction and decisions of the business on a day-to-day basis.

Bill Emerson, Analytics tutor - On how this diploma can help unlock a 'treasure trove' of data

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14 September 2018
Start date:

21 September 2018

Six months


Classroom or distance

Classroom fee:

€3,365 (Members)
€3,725 (Non members)

Distance fee:

€2,695 (Members)
€2,995 (Non members)

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