Classroom programme

The next classroom programme for Diploma in Taxation will start in September 2018 (see dates below).

By choosing the classroom route you will benefit from the expertise and guidance of our team of high quality tutors. Our class size, usually a maximum of 30 people means that you can interact with your tutors, ask questions and address issues throughout the programme.

You will also gain from the peer to peer learning through case study discussion groups and informally, outside the classroom. This aspect of the course and the network of contacts you will gain can both benefit you during the programme and beyond, in terms of career development and opportunities.

The classroom programme is ideal for those who enjoy a high support, fast paced, structured approach to learning. 


You will attend seven Saturday modules and be guided through the course by our team of expert tutors.

The course is designed for qualified members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, but other qualified accountants and professionals are welcome to participate.

Classroom tuition times

  • Saturday from 9.00am to 4.30pm

Dates for September 2018

There are seven modules for this programme, with one Saturday associated with each module. This generally means you will be required to attend once per month.

Module one: Saturday 15 September 2018
Module two: Saturday 29 September 2018
Assignment one released 
Assignment one due 30 October 2018

Module three: Saturday 03 November 2018
Module four: Saturday 24 November 2018
Assignment two released
Assignment two due 07 January 2019

Module five: Saturday 12 January 2019
Module six: Saturday 02 February 2019
Module seven: Saturday 23 February 2019
Assignment three released
Assignment three due 23 March 2019

The programme is assessed by assignments - there is no exam.