NEW for 2018: Certificate in Leadership

 Start date  Wednesday 28 March 2018
 Apply by  Wednesday 14 March 2018
 Duration and schedule  Four Wednesdays over four months

Wednesday 28 March 2018;
Wednesday 23 May 2018;
Wednesday 20 June 2018

Modules take place from 9:30am - 5pm in each case
 Assessment Three learning logs throughout the programme (10% in total)
One assignment to complete at home (60%)
One presentation at the end of the programme (30%)
 Delivery  The programme is offered by classroom or by distance learning
 Fees  Classroom - member fee: €1,595
Distance - member fee: €1,295
Classroom - other professionals: €1,775
Distance - other professionals: €1,475
 Training tickets  Not accepted
About the programme
For individuals and organisations to stand out in today's competitive world, strong leadership skills are essential. To grow and thrive within your current role and to help move into your next one, these skills will set you apart. For those already in leadership roles, the business environment is facing you with the most difficult challenges you have encountered.

The Certificate in Leadership Essentials will allow current and future leaders to build and grow their skills and confidence, giving you have impact on your organisation and to achieve results.
Certificate in Leadership Essentials: who is it for? 
This programme is designed for business professionals who are currently in a leadership role or planning to move into a leadership role.
Leadership is required at all levels of an organisation and the quality of leadership you provide to your team can shape your career path and personal growth.
Programme aims and overview

This programme will give you a detailed understanding of the key areas required for building essential leadership skills:

  • Build your credibility as a leader
  • Develop effective communication and presentation skills
  • Learn tactics for dealing with different personalities in business
  • Improve how you influence and persuade key people
  • Use emotional intelligence to get results
  • Strengthen your negotiation skills
We will draw on a wide range of examples, practice and theory.You will be able to apply your new skills whatever your role and wherever you are in the world.
Why should YOU study this programme?

With our guidance, this programme will empower you to gain valuable insight into your own leadership style. You will develop the key leadership skills and theoretical insights that will help you to effectively communicate, influence, persuade and negotiate with key people both in and outside the organisation.
On completion of the course, your skills will be enhanced and have greater awareness both of yourself, your team and your own leaders. With these skills and knowledge, you will be better equipped for leadership roles at all levels.

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