Programme content and schedule

Module/date Module Title
Module One
Three dates
17 April 2020
18 April 2020
24 April 2020

Identifying Business Opportunities for Data Analytics: Introduction to analytics, and frameworks to articulate the purpose for successful analytics

Assessment one  
Module two
One date
25 April 2020 
Organising Data: Defining data and preparing it for analysis 
Module Three
One date
22 May 2020

Data Modelling: Selecting data and building a data model 
Module Four
Two dates
23 May 2020
19 June 2020

Basic Analysis Techniques: Statistical techniques for analysing quantitative data and design thinking

Assessment two
Module Five
Four dates
20 June 2020
3 July 2020
4 July 2020
7 August 2020
Storytelling and presenting Insights from Data and Analysis: Engaging effectively with the audience and providing true insights from data  
Module Six
One date

8 August 2020
Enhancing Data Quality and Governance: Ensuring fit for purpose data through governance and quality frameworks
Assessment Three  

 Presentation  August