The programme is assessed through practical home assignments - the aim being to help you to apply your new skills immediately in your own workplace.
There are 3 home assignments . These case studies will simulate typical pieces of work in the area, requiring participants to demonstrate their technical competence and capability to use the core risk management skills, in addition to stakeholder communication, influencing and presentation skills.
You will also be required to complete brief reflections (learning logs) following the modules dealing with communicating, influencing and presenting. Here you will be asked to show how your thought process has developed and how your approach will change as a result.

  • 10% learning logs
  • 30% assignment one
  • 30% assignment two
  • 30% assignment three

Learning logs will be released after modules two, three and four

Assignment will be released after modules two, four and six

Pass mark is set at 50% with distinction achieved at 70%. 

Members of Chartered Accountants Ireland and The Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland will be awarded their Diploma by Chartered Accountants Ireland under the ‘1966 ICAI Charter Amendment Act’. Other Professionals will be awarded their Diploma by our training subsidiary Chartered Accountants Ireland Executive Education Ltd.

Chartered Accountants Ireland is one of a small number of professional bodies with statutory awarding powers under Irish and UK law conferring the power to make awards including Diplomas and Certificates. Our programmes are designed to meet a special purpose and continue at roughly a Masters level, expanding knowledge in a specific field.  Awards are made depending on the programme and the participant background by either Chartered Accountants Ireland or our Executive Education subsidiary.

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