Cara Hennessy, Senior Financial Analyst, DMS

“Contemplating repatriation to Ireland, I sought out a course to enhance and refresh my skills in audit and risk.  As soon as I signed up to the Diploma in Chartered Accountants Ireland, I was immediately impressed by the prompt correspondence from the Training Team Lead. It felt like a very personalised and hands-on approach. Accessing the online portal is seamless and without issue, tutorials and all associated notes, slides are available in a timely manner and queries submitted to lecturers have been addressed in full. The online forum for students has also proved useful; hence I have not felt disadvantaged in completing the course via distance learning. 

What I have enjoyed most about this diploma is the absolute relevance it has to my current career and everyday experiences. Even before completing the course, I have been applying many of the principals and methods learned.  I have identified areas for improvement in my firm's approach to risk management and acquired the tools to enhance our strategy, which I am in the process of rolling out. 

Aside from technical know how in audit, risk and compliance, there has been invaluable tutoring on some of the softer aspects of doing business and managing teams, elements such as personality assessments and exercises in influencing people in the workplace. 

 I have found the case studies and assessments presented to be extremely interesting and current and while some are very technical, when applying the principals learned you will arrive at the intended objective. I would have no hesitation recommending this course to someone seeking out a career in audit, risk or compliance or looking to update and refresh."

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