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4 of 5 reasons to choose Chartered Accountancy


4 Chartered Accountancy – a global qualification

An accountancy qualification is truly global if an institute abroad recognises your education and the training you completed to qualify. Despite the claims of other accountancy bodies, Chartered Accountancy is the only Irish professional accounting qualification that has this recognition. Your pre-qualification training and the experience you gain post-qualification are necessary to qualify for auditing and practicing certificates which, in turn, allow you to sign off on audits and accounts. Without these, the ability to operate in a foreign country is severely limited.

The world is open to you

Irish Chartered Accountants have true global mobility as their training is recognised internationally. Those looking for an Antipodean adventure will be facilitated by exclusive agreements with the Chartered Institutes in both Australia and New Zealand. Numerous others are in place with countries such as South Africa, Hong Kong, England, Scotland and Wales.

We have unique Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) that offer our members an outstanding entry point to business in any part of the world. An MRA is an agreement between professional bodies that allows membership to transfer from one jurisdiction to another.

Chartered Accountants Ireland is a member of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide and is part of a global network of almost 320,000 Chartered Accountants. This brings enormous benefits to our members living, or working, in foreign countries. Of the Institute’s 24,000 members, more than 3,500 are working in 90 countries.

So, the next time you hear an accountancy body is global, or has ‘links’ with other institutes, make sure to  ask for some details.

5.  Career paths and rewards

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