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Our Approach to Education

Finding out information about courses and programmes can be daunting, so we’ve prepared this handy reference webpage for you. You’ll begin to get a flavor as to what makes Chartered Accountancy different from other professional accountancy bodies when you take a look at how the education is provided.

Our approach to education is unique in Ireland, compared to the other accountancy bodies. The main difference lies in the fact that we don’t outsource the education to third party colleges, which makes Chartered Accountants Ireland the largest educator of accountancy students in Ireland.

Everything is provided for you in-house – lecturers, courses, exams, and support. We won’t ask you to select an education provider, or try and find out which private college would provide you with the best education. We ensure that we retain the best lecturers in the UK & Ireland, experts in their field, who deliver the best syllabus to the highest standards.

What does this mean for our students? It means they have a better educational experience, better interaction with the lecturers and the professional body, more support on the ground, and most importantly, they enjoy the highest pass rates of all the main accountancy bodies in Ireland. That’s right; a higher percentage of students pass the Chartered exams.

Course Breakdown

There are three academic levels in the Chartered Accountancy programme. Each of these can be completed in a single year, meaning you can be finished your education in just three years. With our Flexible Route, you can split CAP 1 and CAP 2 over more than one year if you’d prefer, depending on your own requirements.

CAP1 Finance

Financial Accounting

Management Accounting

Law for Accountants and Taxation 1

CAP2 Auditing and Assurance

Taxation II

Strategic Finance and Management Accounting

Financial Reporting


Merging accounting excellence with business leadership skills


FAE Elective (choose one):

* Advanced Auditing and Assurance

* Advanced Performance Management

* Advanced Taxation

Study Locations & Distance Learning

Chartered Accountancy classes are available around the country. We have purpose built student centres in Dublin and Belfast, and around the rest of Ireland we only use facilities that are of the highest standard.

Our new Distance Learning programme means you don’t need to be near a study location – you can do most of the course online, which is delivered in 45-minute video tutorials, so you can progress at your own pace. Special learning journals are provided to help you track your progress.

A key element to our Distance Programme is ensuring you have regular contact with the lecturers, so with that in mind we’ll ask you to attend regular classroom-based workshops throughout the year. These currently take place in Dublin, Belfast, and Galway.

CAP 1 Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Distance Programme.
CAP 2 Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford/Kilkenny and Distance Programme.
FAE Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway Limerick and Waterford/Kilkenny, Distance.

Please note the programme is not open to students who reside outside the island of Ireland.


One of the differences you’ll notice is around the timetable options. We run a standard academic year (not semesters), just like universities and colleges worldwide, an approach which has been proven best for learning. Our programme begins in October, and ends in late spring, with seasonal breaks.

CAP1 Dublin Distance 2017/18

CAP1 Dublin Evening and Weekend Subgroup A 2017/18 (students will be assigned to either group A or B after they have enrolled)

CAP1 Dublin Evening and Weekend Subgroup B 2017/18 (students will be assigned to either group A or B after they have enrolled)

CAP1 Belfast 2017/18

CAP1 Belfast Distance 2017/18

CAP1 Cork 2017/18

CAP1 Galway Distance 2017/18


CAP2 Dublin Distance Provisional Timetable 2017/18

CAP2 Dublin Evening Weekend (A) Provisional Timetable 2017/18 (students will be assigned to either group A or B after they have enrolled)

CAP2 Dublin Evening Weekend (B) Provisional Timetable 2017/18 (students will be assigned to either group A or B after they have enrolled)

CAP2 Belfast 2017/18

CAP2 Belfast Distance 2017/18

CAP2 Cork Provisional Timetable 2017/18

CAP2 Galway Distance Provisional Timetable 2017/18

CAP2 Waterford Kilkenny Provisional Timetable 2017/18

CAP2 Limerick Provisional Timetable 2017/18


CAP 1 and CAP 2 exams take place in summer and autumn, and students can take their exams in either sitting, or spread them over both. There is one exam paper per subject taken, and we’ll make sure you are well prepared for your exams by providing you with revision classes, as well as optional mock exams. We won’t ask you to sit exams at Christmas-time, nor will we rush you into an exam sitting shortly after enrolling – we want you to be ready and well prepared.

Students who are splitting exams must take a minimum of two subjects at each sitting, and we’ll ask you to take Financial Accounting in your first exam sitting at CAP1 (unless exempt).

FAE is taken in September, and there is a repeat sitting in January. This is a new option for FAE students in 2016, and represents the increasing flexibility of the Chartered programme.


We’ve benchmarked our fees and are confident that they represent excellent value in comparison to other professional accountancy qualifications available in Ireland.

You only pay for the subjects you take – so if you’re exempt from an exam, you don’t pay for it.

The fees you see below will cover everything – the full course, first exam attempt, and all books, course notes, and other study materials. We won’t charge you a registration fee, nor do we charge you to be a student – unlike other accountancy bodies, there’s no student subscription fee.

2016/ 2017 Fees EUR GBP
CAP1 All Five Subjects 2,100 1,450
(CAP1 per Subject) (420) (290)
CAP2 All Four Subjects 3,180 2,160
(CAP2 per Module: 2 subjects) (1,590) (1,080)
FAE 4,350 2,955

Payment Options

Fees are payable either upfront for the year, or using our flexible payment option. You only have to pay for what you are doing each year, so if you are only taking two subjects, you only have to pay for two subjects.

Our new flexible payment option allows you to pay your fee in three interest-free instalments. To avail of this option please download the Flexible payment application form, and return when you are posting your Enrolment Form.