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Deirdre Hanafin, Head Office Accountant, Haven Partnership

We caught up with Deirdre Hanafin, Haven Partnership where she discusses how the flexible route enabled her to work in the industry she’s most passionate about.

Q. Where do you currently work?

I work for Haven Partnership. It is a charity that was founded in 2008 and all our programmes are run in Haiti. The programmes include education, agriculture, wash and business. We try to bring education and health promotion to one of the poorest countries in the world.

Q. Tell us a bit about your background and career to date?

I have a bachelor’s degree in business from UL. After college I spent almost 3 years in a small practice in Limerick working in an audit department. Then I was easily able to transfer to the flexible route and work for an NGO which is where I wanted my career to go.

A lot of my training is in an audit department. This training was under a normal training contract. I chose chartered accountancy because I knew that if I wanted to transfer during my training contract that it would be very simple. I knew that I wanted to work for an NGO/charity at some point in my career. Chartered Accountants Ireland enabled me to do this with ease during my training contract and I enjoy my career in the NGO sector.

Q. Why do you think Chartered Accountants get to the top of their career quickly?

From what I can see having an ACA qualification is something that an employer’s eye lands on first when reviewing a CV. I have really noticed this over the last 5 years in the field.

Q. Have you any advice to give to someone who may be considering a career in Chartered Accountancy?

The main thing to know about choosing the Chartered Accountancy route is that it’s not easy to get through the exams but it is so worth it and you will get mountains of information and help from where you train and the Institute themselves.

Q. What differentiates Chartered Accountancy from other accountancy qualifications, in your opinion? 

You can pick any industry and any country in the world and your qualification will be highly recognised. I have seen this throughout my studies and in my work place.

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