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Distance FAQ

Do I need broadband to watch the online content?

Yes, a basic broadband connection is required. Tests show a 1mb connection is sufficient.   Likewise, your computer will require some free video plugins to watch the mp4 file format.

Can I watch the content on my phone?

The courses can only be viewed on a PC or laptop with Internet Explorer installed (preferably Windows 10 or earlier)

Are the lectures downloadable?

No, but they can be watched online at any time.

Is there a track of how much content I watch online?

No, currently individual student online activity is not recorded

Can I attend regular lectures from time-to-time should I feel the need?

Subject to capacity we have no objection to this. Simply contact the course coordinator in advance of attending.

Is the course fee the same?

Yes, the fee is the same and distance students have access to all the same facilities as students taking a non-distance programme.

Are the exams the same as for other students?

Yes, distance students sit the same interim assessments and exams as those on non-distance courses.

What are the attendance requirements?

Students are strongly advised to attend all classroom-based sessions in order that they are best prepared for their examination.

This distance offering is for is for CAP1 and CAP2. Will there be distance at FAE in 2016/2017

Yes, there will be a distance course for FAE in 2016/2017

Will there be assignments throughout the course

Yes. Some subjects have interim assessments that count towards final exam grades, while others have home assignments to give you feedback on progress. Likewise there are mock exams that give invaluable insights prior to final exams.

Will I have interaction with other students?

Yes. Study groups will be setup based on where students live. All distance students automatically become members of their local student society. Likewise, classroom-based sessions will form a bond between distance students.

Will I have one-to-one access to a lecturer?

Yes. Students can request a call-back from a lecturer; ask questions in class, through the online forum or via email. Lecturers are committed to helping you understand the course content and to assessing your progress.

Will I be provided with a week-by-week plan of what lectures I should be watching?

A learning journal will guide you through each subject in sequence and allow you to track your progress.

Will I receive my books by post?

Yes. A courier will deliver your materials to your preferred address.

Do you have exam statistics for equivalent programmes and how distance students’ results compare to those taking a more traditional route?

Chartered Accountants Ireland ran distance programmes until 2006 when growth in numbers saw a large amount of regional centres open; negating the reason for a distance offering. Up to that time, the performance of distance students was equal to those on our traditional programmes. However, the key to success in professional examinations is ongoing structured study. The distance programme actively supports this.

Where can I sit exams?

There are exam centres for final exams in Athlone, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo and Waterford. Mock exam centres vary by level.

What level of proficiency do I need in English?

The course and exams are only offered in English; therefore students need to have oral and written fluency in Business English.   Likewise, the material is examined in English..    The course and exams will expect students to construct coherent arguments, for which fluent English would be required.

I haven’t studied for some time; will I be able to manage?

Many students return to study Chartered Accountancy after a number of years. The key to success is accurately gauging how much time you will be able to commit to your studies and choosing an appropriate amount of subjects.

What should I do if I find I am struggling to juggle work, life and study commitments?

It is possible to defer exams during the course year. If you find yourself struggling, seek advice from your course coordinator or lecturer.

Who will I be able to contact if I have a query

The Student Services team is available to respond to all students’ queries. There are also several other mechanisms by which you can engage with the lecturing team and fellow students (callback requests, email, online forum, CASSI events etc).  When you enrol on the programme you will be provided with contact details.