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1 of 5 reasons to choose Chartered Accountancy


Training as a Chartered Accountant opens the door to a vast range of exciting career opportunities in every sector of business and finance, in Ireland and internationally.

Irish Chartered Accountants are in constant demand, here and abroad, as their technical competence, professional standards and expertise are essential in business, public practice and government.

Training as a Chartered Accountant will give you an opportunity to join Chartered Accountants Ireland, the country’s largest and fastest-growing accounting body. Tuition combines innovative coursework with mentored work experience. That proven approach produces accountants who have a greater ability to analyse business problems and develop dynamic solutions. Perhaps that’s why Chartered Accountants rise further and faster in a diverse range of important roles in organisations worldwide.

1 – Why Chartered Accountants have the edge:

What’s the difference between Chartered Accountancy and other accounting qualifications? Prospective students often ask that question. The answer is that no other professional accounting qualification gives students the same support, structure, guidance and quality of tuition in the training process. Every professional accountancy body in Ireland requires trainees to have a minimum of three years’ practical experience. We are unique because we ensure that our trainees are supported while they get their experience.

Support and guidance

As an Irish-based organisation with headquarters in Dublin and Belfast, we are in a unique position to support and guide our students. Members of our Student Services team are available at any time to advise you or answer queries, a fantastic resource at exam time.

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3. Innovative training

4. Chartered Accountancy – a global qualification

5.  Career paths and rewards

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