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Flexible payment option

Payment options

If you’re planning to cover the education fees yourself, Chartered Accountants Ireland now offers a flexible payment option for flexible route students that allows students to pay their annual fees in three instalments.

The fees for this year are outlined below and remember you only pay for the subjects you take – so if you are exempt from an exam, you do not pay for it. Using the instalment plan you only have to pay 40% of whatever your annual fee is when you enrol.

If you wish to avail of our flexible payment option, you can do this by download the form and returning it with your completed Enrolment Form.

CAP 1 (First Year) €420/£290 Per Subject €2100/£1450 All Subjects
CAP 2 (Second Year) €1590/ £1080 Two subjects €3180/ £2160 All Subjects
FAE (Final Year) €4350/ £2955 Total Fees

Comparing the fees charged by different accountancy colleges and bodies can be difficult – in some cases, you’re expected to pay a private college for education, separately pay a professional body to check eligibility and exemptions, and then pay again to sit exams.  Chartered Accountancy is different – you pay one organisation one fee.  And we won’t charge to check and confirm any exemptions you might have from our course.

We recognise that the combined cost of fees represents a significant outlay for many people; however qualified Chartered Accountants quickly enjoy excellent career advancement and earning potential.  So the cost of the education quickly repays itself.

If you need more information or have any questions, just contact us today.