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Working in financial services

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If you’re working in financial services and considering a professional business or accountancy qualification, the smartest move for your career is to become a Chartered Accountant, Ireland’s leading accountancy qualification.

Since the establishment of the IFSC in 1987, there has been significant growth in the number of companies in the commercial financial services sector, and Ireland is now considered an important financial hub. We have seen our own members’ career opportunities grow at the same time, and now in 2016 Chartered Accountants are considered business leaders in this sector, given that large numbers of our members work at the most senior levels in the country’s largest financial services organisations.

It doesn’t stop there though – many of our members work in offices around the world, using the unique Mutual Recognition Agreement Chartered Accountants Ireland has with other Chartered bodies worldwide. So if you fancy working in the Cayman Islands, Barbados or Sydney, Chartered Accountancy could be for you!

How do you get into this sector?

From our research we have seen that the most successful way of developing a career in financial services is by having a professional accountancy qualification. Chartered Accountants are considered Ireland’s leading business professionals, and are at the forefront of this growing sector. It goes without saying that trainee Chartered Accountants are on the right path towards what is considered the premier accountancy qualification.

If you want to join the ranks of the top players in the financial services sector, now you can with a Chartered Accountancy qualification. The rewards match the challenge and will interest you if you’re ambitious, numerate and a strong communicator. We’ll provide you with the support, structure and guidance to get you through the programme.

Our programme – designed for you

Our training and education is designed with business professionals in mind. With flexible options, distance learning, and a proven track record in education, there has never been a better time to study with us and expand your career. As Ireland’s largest accountancy educator, we are dedicated to ensuring students have an exceptional learning experience and this is proven in our pass rates, which are the highest of all accountancy bodies operating in Ireland.

What Chartered will do for you

The Chartered Accountancy qualification will place you in a select group: The elite of the profession, who are the pace-setters in the financial services sector. Chartered Accountants are working as CEOs, board members and senior directors. And yet everyone can do it: it’s open to graduates from any background. This qualification is for bright, numerate, ambitious professionals hungry to climb the career ladder. Join their ranks today.

* All companies mentioned are either RTOs (registered training organisations) or have students studying via the flexible option.

Why Chartered?

Chartered Accountants are regarded as elite business professionals in Ireland and worldwide
– Join Ireland’s biggest network of 24,500 accountants – over 50% of qualified accountants on the island of Ireland are Chartered
– Four out of 10 members hold a senior executive position
– Better pass rates compared to other accountancy qualifications
– Fastest route to qualification – Chartered students qualify far faster than those of other bodies
– The emphasis is on real-life accounting and the finance experience that employers want and value
– Remember, there’s no training contract needed if you study through our flexible option.

If you’re starting a graduate programme in any part of banking, or you’re an existing staff member looking to up-skill, contact us to get started this year. Email or call (RoI) 1890 28 29 28 / (NI) 0845 301 5649

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Tom Neville

Manager – Control & Oversight at State Street

“The reason Chartered Accountants are so respected in funds is probably because it is such a comprehensive qualification. Many who helped to grow the funds industry from its early days were also Chartered Accountants and have faced every new challenge which came along.My advice is two-fold: it’s never too early to start, it’s never too late to start. Don’t put it off.”