Annual subscription fees

If you wish to pay by an alternative method, the Institute will accept cheques and credit transfers. The credit transfer details are contained in the attached documents. 

Member subscriptions increased this year for the first time since 2008, in order to invest in a number of key areas such as promotion and protection of the brand, increasing digitalisation capabilities, delivering globally, enhancing member services and representing members in a wider range of areas. The member subscription increases are; 3% in 2020 (and 2% in 2021) for ROI and Overseas and 6% in 2020 (and 4% in 2021) for NI/GB and the 2020 fees are shown in the table below. The larger increase in sterling is to address an historical currency issue that has led to a significant divergence in Euro and Sterling subscription payments. Also included is an increase to practice fees. This fee increase was approved by Council and put to the membership at an SGM in November 2019. For more information on your fees and the value of membership please visit our membership fees and subscriptions FAQs. 

Member fees 2020
Republic of Ireland €582
Great Britain* £420
Northern Ireland £420
Overseas €337
Retired (40 years of membership)  €0/£0
Late fees €50/£35
Practising Certificate** €443/£309


*Great Britain also includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
**The fees listed do not include Practising Certificate fees for members in practice which are being invoiced separately by the Professional Standards Department.


To apply for abatements, please see the criteria first.

Staff contacts Name Phone
Annual subscriptions and abatements (members) Julie Crawford 01 637 7346
Annual subscriptions and abatements (members) Paula Dreelan 01 637 7216
Annual subscriptions and abatements (members)  Lauren Carter
01 523 3945 

Annual subscriptions (members)
Admission to Membership (students)

Rose Cotter
Rose Cotter

01 637 7261
01 637 7261

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