CA Support Advocacy

The newly expanded CA Support (previously known as the Benevolent Association) was launched for members and students in October 2019. The emphasis is on empowering the individual to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. The service now provides practical and emotional supports to Chartered Accountants Ireland and Accounting Technicians members or students and their families in crisis.  

Before the launch research was conducted and a large portion of members and students did not know about the existing services or the kind of support available to them. Our CA Support team is small and with a membership over 28,000, it is difficult for us to reach such a wide community. We want to ensure our members and students know that this unique service is available, so we are seeking advocates throughout the country to help us. Our external Advocacy programme will enable us to reach out to our members and grow and develop the services we currently provide. 

The CA Support mission:

To offer members of Chartered Accountants Ireland and Accounting Technicians Ireland, students, and their families access to high quality and effective services. Through our mental health, wellbeing, and advisory services and our financial assistance, we strive to ensure that nobody suffering unexpected difficulties is left behind.

How we help our members and students

  • Confidential listening service
  • Professional counselling
  • Wellness coaching
  • Sub review if needed
  • Free CPD tickets
  • Referral to Career Service
  • Access to wellbeing/mental health webinars
  • Wellbeing/mental health content via social media and all e-channels – enews, Briefly, Accountancy Ireland and Accountancy Ireland Xtra
  • Resilience/mindset training events
  • Referral to mentoring programme
  • Access to free parents’ helpline
  • Once-off financial support

What is an advocate? 

An advocate is a person who publicly supports or recommends a cause or policy. If you are proud of being a Chartered Accountant, then being a CA Support advocate is perfect for you. Are your values aligned with our core belief that members should be supported throughout their life? Then consider becoming an advocate for us, by doing so you are investing and developing your community.

Being an advocate for a charity means active promotion and public support to help raise the awareness and this can be very rewarding. It can be energising to work with other like-minded people to help grow an organisation. A community of advocates can achieve more together, it is a more powerful message and more likely to impact positive change.   

Benefits to the advocate

• It can be empowering to work with other people for a common goal

• As an advocate, you will raise your profile 

• The experience will enhance your CV and LinkedIn profile 

• It increases your exposure at Institute events and provides opportunities to promote your company 

• A great sense of achievement will be achieved by watching the profile of CA Support grow 

• Offers the opportunity to network with local businesses 

• It allows you to get involved in an area which is different from your normal working day

Benefits to CA Support

• Your support and shared experience will help us highlight the need for CA Support

• Your positive, personal endorsement in your local community or area will help us continue to grow and develop the service

• The member experience is proven to be the most powerful tool to influence other members 

• By being involved in CA Support it will ensure the voice of the members at a local level are being heard

What is the time commitment?

You can commit as much or as little time as you want to be an advocate. We will find a role that suits you and your situation. It is entirely up to you how much time you dedicate to being an advocate.

What type of work does an advocate do?

Being an advocate can be almost anything from a casual conversation with a colleague to presenting on behalf of CA Support at a local event or mentoring a member to get back on track.

What is the key message?

To work in partnership with us to promote the CA Support profile, seek opportunities to ensure members, students, and firms know and can avail of our positive mental health and wellbeing services. Influence members and firms to support us by fundraising or donating. 

How do I become an advocate?

If the values of CA Support are closely aligned with those you hold, and you would like to get involved, we would be delighted to hear from you. We can be contacted at or phone us on 01 637 7342 or 086 024 3294.