Slave to the Clock, Master of Time

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Slave to the Clock, Master of Time by Seán McLoughney will transform the way you use your time. It takes you on a step-by-step journey to develop a personal time management strategy that will give you the time for personal and professional success.

ISBN:  978-0-903854-08-5
Published:  30/04/2008
Format:  Paperback, 144 pages
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Leadership and personal effectiveness, Practice and business improvement
Who is this for:  Human resources
Edition:  1st
Copyright date:  30/04/2008
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Outlining fundamental techniques that can be easily customised to ensure they work for you and showing you how to make practical commitments to making changes in the way you use your time, this book will help improve your efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace – and outside of it.

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The Author

Seán McLoughney set up his own learning and development business, LearningCurve, in 2001 after spending almost 20 years with the EBS Building Society, where he held key managerial positions. He specialises in delivering skills for managing people and improving performance and has worked with large Irish and multinational companies and professional firms. Seán also author of Meaningful Performance Reviews and Slave to a Job, Master of your Career, both of which are published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.