L3 This code refers to content for Level 3 Expert (FCA) in leadership skills ? Leadership skills

What do they look like?

More and more you are taking charge of the direction your team or organisation move in. Others may start to seek you out for your input, advice and abilities.

Your leadership skills are your ability to influence those around you - to inspire, guide, and support

Team development and leadership - What are the landmarks?

  • You are developing a management style that is authentic to your values and brings out the best in others
  • Can adjust leadership style to suit different people and situations
  • Able to motivate others, provide vision, keep people focussed on common goals, encourage co-operation, commitment and team spirit
  • Facilitate the increased delegation of decisions

Agile thinking - What are the landmarks?

  • Understand the position of the organisation in the larger market context
  • Understand the organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Recognise your organisation's USP
  • Consider the bigger picture while setting priorities and the way forward
  • Consider taking calculated risks in order to let the business develop

Strategic networking - What are the landmarks?

  • Confidently network using your own personal reputation and expertise
  • Manage relationships among key outside stakeholders to create long term opportunities and relationships
  • Utilise an established network of relationships to seek information of strategic importance and to seek a position of influence

Organisational alignment - What are the landmarks?

  • Effectively communicate the organisation's needs and strategic direction
  • Develop high level strategy for the organisation and oversee its successful implementation
  • Ensure strategic initiatives and priorities are integrated and aligned to meet the organisation's goals

Diplomatic sensitivity/emotional intelligence - What are the landmarks?

  • See the impact your behaviours are having on others and be able to read and adjust to the behaviours of others appropriately
  • Encourage, develop diplomatic relations

Influencing - What are the landmarks?

  • Create politically important alliances and other advocates to influence wider debate and generate support for your ideas and initiatives
  • Use multiple actions and avenues to influence and gain support

Mentoring and coaching - What are the landmarks?

  • Act as a mentor and sounding board providing others with direction and insights to enhance their performance and development
  • Incorporate coaching into your management style

Communication skills - What are the landmarks?

  • Able to create important written work for the organisation: communications, reports, documents

Development activities

How can you get there?

Here are our suggestions for boosting your skills in the three main areas at this stage of your career.
Don't forget, many of these are FREE!

  • Use this Career Pathway template to set your goals, improve your performance and identify gaps in your training and experience
  • Use the Chartered Accountants Ireland career coaching services
  • Find a mentor using the Chartered Accountants Ireland career service
  • Become a Mentor
  • Join a Chartered Accountants Ireland committee
  • Become involved in your District society
  • Network by attending Chartered Accountants Ireland events
  • Do CPD training in "soft" skills like people management, leadership, management techniques
  • Join Toastmasters
  • Join a representative industry group
  • Get involved with community or sports teams
  • Read relevant leadership articles (www.hrb.org)
  • Gain board experience - volunteer on a board
  • Present at key events
  • Develop your professional network
  • Attend leadership training
  • Complete psychometric testing to better understand your personality traits and skills
  • Learn about emotional intelligence and develop yours
  • Seek 360 degree feedback in your workplace
  • Create and manage your professional brand
  • Have a professional presence on LinkedIn
  • Actively build your professional network

Career development support

As a member at any stage in your career from newly qualified to post-retirement, our career service is here to support you. In full confidence, we'll coach you, help with your CV, give interview preparation tips, set up mentoring, help you find a role, or to find the best staff. Call us anytime you need us on +353 1 637 7331 or email us at careers@charteredaccountants.ie. We want to hear from you.

Courses & publication

Recommended specialist qualifications

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Recommended CPD courses

Due to COVID-19, for the safety of our staff, students and members we are temporarily suspending all classroom courses until further notice. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Check out our new range of online webinars and virtual classroom courses we've put together just for our users. It's perfect for remote learning!

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