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Career Mentoring Programme

Chartered Accountants Ireland provides a Career Mentoring Programme to all members.  Our research has shown that all members, and not only younger members, greatly appreciate the career guidance that more experienced members can offer.

What is a career mentor?

A mentor is a trusted advisor who agrees to share their wisdom, insights, skills, knowledge, expertise, and experiences with you. Mentors can help you set and achieve career goals, resolve challenging situations, make sound career decisions and essentially help you to achieve your full career potential. In essence a mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

Benefits of a Mentor

  • Speak to a trusted advisor in a confidential and safe space
  • Gain access to an independent person who will listen to you and will act as a sounding-board
  • Obtain impartial advice as well as direction and guidance
  • Receive constructive and impartial feedback
  • Mentoring provides a forum to discuss career challenges and to look for solutions
  • Get help with career planning, making key career decisions and with the achievement of career goals
  • Learn from the career and life experience of the mentor
  • Provides a structure and context to career conversations

Benefits of being a mentor

Being a mentor can help you to develop your own skills including in the area of leadership, people management and development and of course the art of listening. Not only will you be developing key career skills yourself, you will also gain a personal sense of satisfaction from helping others to progress their career. It also serves to keep you in tune with the career related matters

How the Career Mentor Programme Works

This Programme enables members to search a database of anonymous volunteer Mentor profiles, identify those with the skills and experience which they think would be beneficial to them, complete an application form noting the selected Mentor ID codes, and, on receipt of the application, the careers team will facilitate contact.

This service between the mentor and mentee is totally confidential and available to Chartered Accountants at all stages of your career.  We currently have over 100 Mentor volunteers but always welcome interest from volunteers particularly outside the Leinster area.  See the full list of Copy of Mentor listing currently registered with us. 

If you would like to mentor or be mentored, please read the Programme Information 
Mentors are requested to complete the Mentor Application 
Mentees should complete the Mentee Application 

Further reading on the origins of Mentoring

For all questions on this programme please contact in confidence the career service on 01-6377 331 or by email.


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