Career support for women

Our aim is to be your career partner at every stage of your career. We have developed a bespoke range of services designed specifically to support our female members.

Our team of professionals will guide and support you along each step of your career journey. Our Careers Team understand your career options and development options and we are fully dedicated to providing you with a tailored, professional and independent value add service as part of your membership fee. Below is a list of FREE services offered to our members.

Career coaching

Our team of qualified Coaches can help you to achieve your full potential when you are:

  • Seeking or starting a new role
  • Looking to advance your career
  • Focussed on understanding, leveraging and maximising your skills and experience
  • Keen to be at your best and improve your confidence
  • Dealing with challenging work related situations
  • Planning maternity leave or returning to work post maternity leave
  • Considering a career break or returning to work following a career break
  • Seeking to achieve or maintain a better work –life blend

Career advice

During a one to one confidential and impartial consultation we can provide you with advice on how to:

  • Successfully position yourself in the market
  • Identify, develop and leverage your qualification, skills and experience
  • Maximise your career potential and to navigate and explore the options
  • Decide what additional courses or training you may need
  • Improve your personal brand, network and LinkedIn profile
  • Know your market value and negotiate your salary
  • Obtain and agree flexible working arrangements
  • Get your CV and cover letter market ready
  • Prepare in advance of interviews

We provide a wide range of career resources such as:

Recruitment service

Using our member network and extensive client portfolio we can:

  • Support you when you are seeking a new full or part-time role
  • Connect you with job opportunities many of which are exclusive to us
  • Partner you through the entire interview process
  • Support you when you are recruiting for your organisation and provide a significantly reduced recruitment fee and professional service

Career mentor programme

We have a panel of over 100 mentors, all Chartered Accountants with successful careers, who are available to speak with you and to provide you with their insights and advice. Our global mentor panel is diverse and also includes female mentors.

Returners workshops

We have designed a bespoke 1 day workshop to support members who are returning to the workplace following a career break. The workshops have been very successful and have supported almost 100 members in their efforts to return to work.

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