Meaningful Performance Reviews

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Written by Seán McLoughney, a well-known expert and advisor on the improvement of people’s performance, this is an excellent guide to getting the most from the performance review experience for all those involved.

ISBN:  978-1-908199-78-2
Published:  05/01/2015
Format:  Paperback, 128 pages
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Leadership and personal effectiveness, Practice and business improvement
Who is this for:  Managers, human resources
Edition:  1st
Copyright date:  05/01/2015
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The performance management of people is a key issue for management. The purpose of this book is to help managers get the best out of the performance review process, particularly review meetings. Despite many organisations having structured performance management processes, there is still a lack of understanding about how to prepare and deliver effective performance review meetings. While most managers believe such meetings are useful, their time is precious and they would still rather that they didn’t have to do them.

Meaningful Performance Reviews begins in discussing effective preparation, providing useful checklists and frameworks and outlines how to encourage staff to take a more proactive approach. The author then moves on to deal with the review meeting itself, how to give ‘BEST’ feedback, agree ‘SMARTER’ goals and inspire staff to become high performers. Finally, the book looks at ways of moving from the perception of performance review being a ‘once a year form-filling exercise’ to an ongoing and meaningful improvement process.


  1. The Need for Change
  2. Change the Mindset, Change the Results
  3. Prepare to Prepare
  4. Holding the Review Meeting
  5. Manage the Talent, Manage Careers
  6. Dealing with a Poor Performance
  7. Follow Through
  • Appendix A Coaching Log
  • Appendix B Mentoring Log

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The Author

Seán McLoughney set up his own learning and development business, LearningCurve, in 2001 after spending almost 20 years with the EBS Building Society, where he held key managerial positions. He specialises in delivering skills for managing people and improving performance and has worked with large Irish and multinational companies and professional firms. Seán is the author of Slave to the Clock, Master of Time and Slave to a Job, Master of your Career, both of which are published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.