Slave to a Job, Master of Your Career

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This thought-provoking and challenging book by Seán McLoughney explains how to adapt to the changing work environment by using practical business skills to find and keep the best jobs, while also bringing value to your employer.

ISBN:  978-0903854-96-2
Published:  30/04/2008
Format:  Paperback, 212 pages
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Leadership and personal effectiveness
Who is this for:  Management, leaders
Edition:  1st
Copyright date:  30/04/2008
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To be employable in today's job market requires a new adaptable way of thinking and behaving. Slave to a Job, Master of Your Career challenges people to change their mindset from being an employee to being an entrepreneur in the workplace. The book sets out a step-by-step business approach that will ensure that you have the edge in the current job market, showing you how to:

  • Think like an entrepreneur
  • Treat your employer as your most important customer
  • Grow your personal brand
  • Develop your skills, and
  • Devise a business plan to stay employable.

In the 21st-century workplace, people are expected to overcome new challenges, challenges that require an entrepreneurial mindset and a fresh way of thinking. Slave to a Job, Master of Your Career is written to help you take the first critical step to make yourself more marketable and employable, and to set yourself apart from the crowd.

"I found Seán McLoughney's new book to be a practical and an original guide on how to stay employed in today's challenging economic climate. I strongly recommend that you read this book if you want to get the best from yourself and your job and, more importantly, if you want to enjoy what you do for a living."
Brendan Spring, Chief Executive, FBD Financial Solutions

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The Author

Seán McLoughney set up his own learning and development business, LearningCurve, in 2001 after spending almost 20 years with the EBS Building Society, where he held key managerial positions. He specialises in delivering skills for managing people and improving performance and has worked with large Irish and multinational companies and professional firms. Seán is the author of Meaningful Performance Reviews and Slave to the Clock, Master of Time, both of which are published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.