The Essential Manager: 30 Core Elements of Leadership

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The Essential Manager by Enda Larkin is a collection of 30 essential building blocks for management success, organised into three interlinking parts: About You, About People, and About Business.

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Published:  24/05/2013
Format:  Paperback, 192 pages
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Leadership and personal effectiveness, Practice and business improvement
Who is this for:  Managers
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Copyright date:  24/05/2013
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Leadership, management, managing people, core leadership skills, consultant, business planning

Managers are busy people, particularly when resources are limited and real success harder to achieve. In order to be effective, aspiring business leaders now need to return to the basics of management. This book, from an experienced management consultant and author, responds to these challenges and offers both experienced and aspiring managers a practical resource in a broad series of short chapters or ‘elements’ covering the critical aspects which drive success in both management and leadership.

The Essential Manager is a collection of 30 essential building blocks for management success, organised into three interlinking parts:

  • Part 1 – About You begins with a focus on you, the manager, because you can never hope to bring the best out of others until you first get the most from yourself.
  • Part 2 – About People concentrates on important aspects of leading and managing people – working together to achieve personals and business goals.
  • Part 3 – About Business is concerned with some key activities associated with managing any business or function, like strategic planning and managing change.

Each element offers concise and focused advice, founded in theory but of real-world application. Though well-written and authoritative, the style is easy-to-read and accessible.


About You
  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Self-awareness)
  2. At the End of a Needle (Psychological Capital)
  3. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Mindset)
  4. Shocking Stuff (Power and Authority)
  5. Acting the Manager
  6. This Is Not What I Wanted! (Communication)
  7. A Huddle a Day (Briefings)
  8. “I Was So Bored in There I thought I was Going to Die” (Meetings)
  9. “The Important Thing is Not to Stop Questioning. Curiosity has its Own Reason for Existing”(Decision-making)
  10. Hail the Fail (Managing Setbacks)
About Employees
  1. Managers are from Mars (Manager–Employee Relationships)
  2. Keeping the ‘Bad Apples’ Out (Interviewing and Recruitment)
  3. Chalk and Cheese (Employee Segmentation)
  4. Give More to Get More (People Development)
  5. Watch out, There’s a Bad Apple about (Managing Difficult People)
  6. Boxing Clever (Managing Staff Performance)
  7. Rewards Re-think (Incentives and their Limitations)
  8. Not Just the Score (Staff Appraisals)
  9. Never Take Your Eye Off the Ball (Managing Team Performance)
  10. “Delegating Work Works, Provided the One Delegating Works, Too”
About Business
  1. “All I’m doing These Days is Treading Water” (Future Focus)
  2. Under-exposure (Strategic Management)
  3. Managers Making Their Escape (Measuring Effectiveness)
  4. “Never Standing Still” (Managing Change)
  5. “If Winning isn’t Everything, Why do They Keep Score?” (Competitive Strategies)
  6. “It’s Good to Hug” (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  7. Ripe for the Picking (Managing Innovation)
  8. “All Persons ought to Endeavour to Follow What is Right and not What is Established” (Avoiding Groupthink)
  9. “Project Red (Faced)”(Planning)
  10. There is Only One Boss (Customers)

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The Author

Enda Larkin has extensive experience in management development, working closely with managers at all levels to develop their potential to lead and engage their employees. With a background in hospitality and tourism, he has operated as an independent consultant and business mentor since 1994 and has led diverse projects across a wide range of industry sectors in Ireland, UK, Europe and the Middle East. With a focus on leadership, he has first-hand experience of the people-related challenges faced by managers. Enda holds a BSC in Management, from Trinity College Dublin and an International MBA from the European School of Management, Paris. His previously published books include: Ready to Lead? Prepare to Think and Act Like a Successful Leader (Practice Hall, 2007); How to Run a Great Hotel (How to Books, 2009); Quick Win Leadership: Answers to Your Top 100 Leadership Questions (Oak Tree Press, 2010).