Your Brand: Advance your Career by Building a Personal Brand

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Everyone has a personal brand, explains Veronica Canning in her career-changing book. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. Do you want to take control of your personal brand? Do you want to have a proactive, purposeful personal brand, not merely an accidental one?

ISBN:  978-1-908199-76-8 
Published:  14/02/2014
Format:  Paperback, 176 pages
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Leadership and personal effectiveness
Who is this for:  Management, brand builders
Edition:  1st
Copyright date:  14/02/2014
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A successful personal brand is a definer of career success. Building a compelling and attractive personal brand is what fast-forwards careers. This book will give executives and professionals inspiration, realistic advice and actionable strategies to build a remarkable personal brand that will move them to the next level. YOU® BRAND is a career changing book. A make-over for the mind, it will reshape the reader’s perceptions of themselves and their situation, reframing their most embedded, engrained self-beliefs into new, positive actionable steps to build a strong personal brand.

Written by a well-known executive mentor and motivational speaker, this book distils the author’s many years of experience into nuggets of information and practical action. Aware that today’s executive is time poor the author makes a virtue of brevity and provides succinct messages with straightforward advice. It begins realistically with the reader’s current brand, an assessment of the way others people see them, and then takes them through an eight-step process, from developing self-knowledge to ‘working your matrix’, designed to build their brand and how best to position it. The reader will have a personal brand strategy when they finish this book.


  • Introduction: Personal branding and its role in your career success
  • Step 1: Build self-knowledge: look inside
  • Step 2: Build self-knowledge: look around you
  • Step 3: Build your future career
  • Step 4: Develop outstanding brand skills and behaviours
  • Step 5: Don’t let your personal brand drivers derail you
  • Step 6: Hold your power
  • Step 7: The playing field for your brand: your matrix
  • Step 8: Positioning your brand for the future
  • The final step: Steppin’ out with your new personal brand

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The Author

Veronica Canning is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, executive mentor and consultant, with 30 years’ experience working at senior level across a wide range of organisations in all sectors and of all sizes, from SMEs to multinationals and the public sector. With her considerable experience, Veronica works with high potential individuals addressing their challenges, including developing an executive presence and building or repairing their personal brands. She also designs and runs group programmes, customised to the challenges facing organisations. YOU® BRAND is Veronica’s seventh book; her other books include Shoeisms: A Working Woman's Guide to Taking Control.