Corporate Social Responsibility: A Guide, with Irish Experiences

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With a Foreword by Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, Corporate Social Responsibility: A Guide, wth Irish Experiences by Sheila Killian explains the theory and explores the practice of CSR in an Irish context.

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Published:  30/06/2012
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Ethics, Thought leadership
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This book is also available as an Amazon Kindle eBook.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the subject of widespread debate, which tends to centre on its integrity. Are the initiatives ‘genuine’, or are they motivated by a firm’s desire to enhance its reputation? Does it matter what the motivation is, as long as some improvements are made? In this book, Sheila Killian asks:

  • What exactly is CSR?
  • Is it donating the company’s money and time to charity in a sort of conspicuous altruism, or is it about doing the basic things well?
  • What are the areas of concern: the environment, product safety, etc.?
  • Are firms responsible for their supply chain?
  • And how can the message best be communicated to a cynical world?

This book addresses these questions in two ways. Part I comprises eight chapters covering the theory and practice of CSR. It presents the definitions and origins of CSR, the main formal and informal drivers of the practice and a comprehensive taxonomy of the areas of concern to a modern firm, including the supply chain. Part II then relates the experiences of eight Irish organisations, from different sectors, in implementing a CSR strategy.

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The Author

Sheila Killian holds a BA in Mathematics, an MBS focused on earnings management and a PhD in taxation. She qualified as an associate of the Irish Tax Institute in 1989 and as a Chartered Accountant in 1992. Her research, spanning CSR, accounting, taxation and development issues, has been published on five continents. She has worked in third level education in South Africa and Finland, and lectures in corporate social responsibility and finance at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. Sheila previously worked in taxation with Ernst & Young, KPMG and Arthur Andersen, and in the aviation finance industry. Sheila is the founding Chair of Soweto Connection, an Irish non-profit organisation working with South African township communities.