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The Professional Standards Department of Chartered Accountants Ireland, along with relevant compliance and disciplinary committees, is responsible for the delivery of the Institute's regulatory and disciplinary obligations which derive both from statute and its own Bye-Laws and Regulations.
The Professional Standards Board develops Institute Policy with regard to regulatory matters and approves Institute Regulations governing regulation and discipline. It also oversees PSD in its delivery of the Institute’s regulatory and disciplinary functions.

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Professional Standards

The UK Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has produced 3 Podcasts on SARS and these are available free online.  We strongly encourage you to take time to listen to these useful and informative podcasts. Podcast 1: SARs Frequently asked Questions Podcast 2: How SARs reporters can help combat Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Podcast 3: What makes a good quality SAR?

Nov 26, 2020
Professional Standards

Insolvency Monitoring - Common findings from RoI Visits The Professional Standards Department is hosting two Insolvency related CPD online webinars.   The first online webinar, ‘Insolvency Monitoring - Common findings from RoI Visits’, scheduled for 16 November at 12:00 – 13:00, will focus on the common findings and issues identified during insolvency monitoring visits, which regularly feature in visit reports issued after each visit.  You can register, free of charge, by clicking here. The second online webinar, ‘Insolvency Monitoring - Findings with remuneration approval procedures’, scheduled for 14 December at 12:00 – 13:00, will focus on how to ensure remuneration approval is obtained correctly in accordance with the current legislation and Statement of Insolvency Practice S9B. You can register, free of charge, by clicking here. These webinars are hosted by Professional Standards and are both free of charge.  They are designed for all Insolvency Practising Certificate (IPC) Holders and aim to help prepare for future visits and to give practical advice on the most common areas of weakness found during insolvency visits. We would encourage all IPC holders to attend both webinars as practical updates to processes and procedures will be covered to ensure full compliance with legislation, regulations and SIPs moving forward. Members can claim 1 hour structured CPD per webinar

Oct 22, 2020
Professional Standards

Your Individual Annual Return 2020 is available for completion online.  Please be reminded that this is due to be submitted by 30 October 2020.Click here for your Individual Annual Return.We appreciate that this is a difficult period for members due to the Coronavirus and that members will be prioritising matters differently than they would in normal times. If unable to meet this timescale please contact Individual Annual Return.

Oct 12, 2020