Annual returns

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Firm's Annual Return

The Quality Review process includes a requirement for member firms to submit an Annual Return. The Firm’s Annual Return (FAR) is risked to assess the firm's compliance with the regulations. This is done by way of a 'Desk Top Review' which could lead to further follow up correspondence or in certain circumstances, a Monitoring visit.

The FAR is issued to firms with an 'as at date' set to correspond with the month in which their professional Indemnity insurance (PII) expires and should be returned to Chartered Accountants Ireland within two months. The due date is shown on the top of Page 3 of the Return. This will ensure that Professional Standards has the most up to date information possible regarding the firm's PII.

Individual Annual Return

NOTE: Individual Annual Return has replaced all of the following: Insolvency Licence Renewal (GB/NI), Insolvency Practising Certificate Renewal (ROI), Practising Certificate Renewal, Annual Declaration (CPD)

Members are only required to complete the section(s) relevant to them.

All members (unless they meet the exemption criteria or waiver criteria) are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development. The completion of the Individual Annual Return is required to evidence compliance with the CPD regulations. In addition all members are required to comply with the Code of Ethics and in particular, with the fundamental principles.

In certain, limited, circumstances you may be able to avail of a waiver from the requirements of the CPD Regulations. However, you must put in writing your individual circumstances which will be assessed by the Quality Assurance Committee to determine if a waiver is appropriate. For clarification purposes, the Committee have determined that a waiver would normally be granted to members who are not engaged in any accountancy related work. Please note that a waiver will not be granted for members who act as Board members (including non-executive Directors).

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