What is a Registered Auditor?

A registered auditor is a firm which undertakes regulated audit work as set out in the Audit Regulations & Guidance.

A member firm wishing to act in any capacity as described in Chapter 2 of the Audit Regulations and, in particular, one wishing to act as the auditor of a company under any of the following provisions must apply for, and be granted, audit registration before the firm is eligible to accept appointment. Only when audit registration has been granted will the firm's name be included on the Register of Auditors.

How to become a registered auditor?

To become a registered auditor the firm must:

  • Complete and submit the application to become a registered auditor form
  • Satisfy the Quality Assurance Committee that it meets the criteria and is fit and proper to carry on audit work
  • Pay the annual fee
  • Comply with the Audit Regulations & Guidance
  • Be subject to a programme of quality assurance

Within a registered firm the individuals who sign company audit reports must:

  • Hold an audit qualification and
  • Complete and submit the application to appoint a responsible individual form

Do I need a practising certificate (PC)?

To establish whether you need a PC you should refer to the Public Practice Regulations - Schedule C1 of the Guidance on Public Practice Regulations.

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