Application/renewal of insolvency certificate/licence

Application for Insolvency Practising Certificate - ROI

To act as an Insolvency Practitioner in Ireland, members of the Institute are required to hold a current practising certificate and an Insolvency Practising Certificate before accepting appointments.

The Practising Certificate application form can be downloaded here

The Insolvency Practising Certificate application is an online form. Please contact Professional Standards to apply.

To apply for your Practising Certificate and Insolvency Practising Certificate please contact Professional Standards via the email below.

Professional Standards: E

Renewal of Insolvency Practising Certificate - ROI

To renew your insolvency practising certificate online, please login to your Individual Annual Return and complete this online form.

Application for Insolvency Licence - GB/NI

To act as an Insolvency Practitioner in GB/NI, members of the Institute are required to hold a current Insolvency Licence before accepting appointments.

To be eligible an applicant must comply with the requirements of the Insolvency Licensing Regulations and Guidance including the following:

  • Hold a current Practising Certificate
  • Demonstrate that he / she is a fit and proper person
  • Have completed an Insolvency Application form
  • Have passed the JIEB Exams and submitted the JIEB certificate with the application form; or as provided by The European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations 2007 (EC Qualification Regulations)
  • Have acquired a minimum of 600 chargeable hours of recent insolvency experience over 3 consecutive years, subject to a minimum of 150 chargeable hours in each of those 3 years
  • Have paid the appropriate Licence Fee.

To apply for your insolvency licence, please complete the relevant Insolvency Licence application form.

For more information please refer to insolvency licensing (GB/NI) regulations.

JIEB Exams

All new applicants must pass the Joint Insolvency Examination Board's (JIEB) exams. The JIEB exams are held annually on three consecutive days. This involves three papers covering Liquidations, Administrations, Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) Receiverships and Personal Insolvency.

Candidates must sit the examination through a Recognised Professional Body. For further information please refer to the JIEB page.

Renewal of Insolvency Licence - GB/NI

An Insolvency Practitioner must apply annually for the renewal of his /her Insolvency Licence. The Individual Annual Return is completed for this purpose. The renewal process ensures Insolvency Practitioners continue to satisfy the relevant eligibility requirements.

Certificate / Licence Fees

Current fees can be found by clicking here.

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