Insolvency complaints

Professional Standards, as the regulator of members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, takes any complaints made against members very seriously.

Under Disciplinary Bye-Law 5.1 member firms are required to have an effective and appropriate written procedure for the investigation and resolution of complaints and to handle complaints made in accordance with these procedures.

Information for Complainants

Professional Standards advises all complainants, in the first instance, to make use of any internal complaints process which the Insolvency Practitioner may have.  As many problems relate to lack of communication and misunderstanding it may be possible to resolve the matter before referring it to Professional Standards or the Gateway (GB and NI complaints only).

If the complaint relates to insolvency procedures governed by Republic of Ireland legislation, the complaint should be made to Professional Standards.

If the complaint relates to insolvency procedures governed by the insolvency legislation of Great Britain or Northern Ireland, the complaint should be made via the Gateway.

Complaints about GB/NI Insolvency Licence Holders

Information for Insolvency Practitioners

JIC (Joint Insolvency Committee) Guidance Paper

To assist GB/NI Insolvency Licence holders in dealing with complaints, the JIC has issued guidance.

Guidance for Insolvency Practitioners - Dealing with Complaints

Common Sanctions Guidance

The 'Recognised Professional Bodies' (RPBs) have developed a Common Sanctions Guidance which aims to provide transparency and ensures that, if the findings against an insolvency practitioner are consistent, the outcome and sanction across the RPBs are comparable. The following RPBs are implementing this common guidance: ICAEW, ACCA, IPA, ICAS and CAI.

Further information is available on the Complaints & Disciplinary section.

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