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GDPR – What is it? Who has to comply? What does this mean for my business? Accountancy Ireland talks to Peter Bolger of LK Shields, Gavin Doherty from 247 Meetings and Niall Tierney from Tierney IP to get your questions answered in this special GDPR podcast.

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It is just over one year since GDPR went live, and the new regulations and those responsible for enforcing them are flexing muscles in landmark, high profile cases. The launch may be behind us but GDPR is now an everyday reality. The main way to ensure compliance is to stay informed. We have developed a special, online interactive course in collaboration with legal experts from ByrneWallace to help you with this. We provide all the information and resources in one place that you, as an accountant, need to ensure your firm or organisation remain compliant. Interactive and engaging, GDPR for accountants - a practical guide to ongoing compliance, provides an understanding of and templates for policies and practices that should be implemented.  The course is entirely online allowing flexibility with where, when and how you work. All content is on-demand, meaning you can access when it suits you.  We have created pre-recorded video content and easy to understand written content to get you up to speed on this all important area crucial for any business from the sole trader to the state organisation and multinational corporation. We are offering a special offer as we launch this course:  For the month of September, we have an introductory discount which means you will have access for six months for just €50. Not only will you avail of a great deal saving you €25 off the normal fee, you will be awarded three CPD hours too. For more information and to book, click here. Use the discount code gdprdisc at the checkout to avail of this special offer only available for the month of September.   

Aug 30, 2019
The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has also issued some very useful pieces of guidance for readers based in the Republic of Ireland ( and ) , as has the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for those based in the UK and Northern Ireland ( Members are, therefore, advised to regularly check the CAI, DPC and/or ICO websites for the latest information and guidance in this area.