Creating a sustainable lifestyle

Sep 02, 2019
Fiona Smiddy ACA, Founder of Green Outlook, a eco-friendly ecommerce shop, is running a one-woman business with an ethical approach.

I start my day with cereal and check emails and my business social media. The reaction to yesterday’s TV appearance promoting my business has been great. I check my ecommerce site,, Google Analytics and run site updates. I also check my business bank account. As a self-funded business, cashflow is very important. 

Ding! First sale of the day.

I normally work from home (in a tracksuit) in Kildare, but today I’m heading to Dublin to visit a corporate customer and do a pop-up shop. I review the presentation I’ve prepared and check the news for any climate crisis items. The Amazon is on fire. I share the news on social media and take note to mention this later at my presentation. 

I double check my float for today and put the boxes of products and props I’ve pre-prepared for a pop-up shop in the car.

I arrive, check in and get set up.

The pop-up shop kicks off. It’s all go and I have a queue of customers. 

The sales and questions are flowing. I try to remember to drink water. 

I pack up, do a rough calculation of sales and deem the pop-up a success. I grab a snack and check my emails. 

I start my talk. I talk about the climate crisis, the problems with single-use plastic and plastic waste. 

I leave Dublin. Wow, the traffic! I’m definitely glad I’m not commuting on a daily basis. I use this time to listen to a podcast and eat another snack.

I arrive home and make a quick video for my social media. 

I’m on the couch and the TV is on. There’s something relevant so I share it on social media. 

I haven’t eaten a meal since breakfast so I make and eat a vegetarian dinner with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend’s watching Netflix so I pull out my laptop. Since I started my own business, I don’t really power down from work until just before bed. I tell myself it won’t be like this forever but right now I process all elements of the business by myself. 

A quick plan of things to be done tomorrow: I’ve got some invoices to pay, applications for markets to complete, two posters to make for upcoming events, social media posts to prepare. I have orders to get ready and bring to the post office. Right now, I fulfil all orders myself, but I’m in the process of looking at fulfilment partners. I want to apply for a female business mentorship programme to help me put better structures in place as the business grows. 

...I also want to get to the gym tomorrow as I didn’t go today.

A final review of online sales for today. It’s good but not great. More work to be done but it can wait until tomorrow.