CAP1 e-assessment exam issue 4 April 2020 - statement

Chartered Accountants Ireland can confirm that there was an issue with a CAP1 (first year of professional education) e-assessment interim exam in Management Accounting on Saturday 4 April. Students were initially unable to launch the e-assessment, due to a technical problem with the exams platform. The issue took one hour to resolve which resulted in a backlog of students entering the secured exam environment. Over 70% of students did complete the exam, despite these delays. In marking the exam, the examiners will take account of the delay encountered by students on the day.

For those students who did not complete the exam, there will be a special sitting offered later this month. We have engaged with all students who sat the exam on Saturday, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.  

Thank you for your support with the e-assessment programme to date. We will provide you with a further update over the coming weeks.

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