Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning


How does a business win customers, beat its competitors, make a profit and grow? These questions are fundamental to business success. But can you – or your clients – answer them? 

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01 January 2019 00:00
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01 January 2022 00:00
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Strategic finance and management reporting

Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning gives you the tools you'll need to build enduring competitive advantage and develop a solid strategic plan. When you've finished working through the course you'll have the basis of your strategic plan.

This high level course covers the strategic planning process for a business from start to finish, including an understanding of business lifecycles and industry consolidation. You'll explore the external factors that matter when you're putting together a business strategy, including sector attractiveness, sources of competitive advantage and differentiation.

Course overview

Getting started

  • What is the strategic planning process?
  • What is the "outside-in" approach?
  • What is the quick method?
  • What is the business lifecycle?
  • What are the benefits of industry consolidation?

Where you are: external

  • How attractive is your sector?
  • What is the "five forces" model?
  • How can you gain a competitive advantage?
  • What is customer segmentation?
  • What is the importance of scale?
  • How can differentiation and cost advantage be used?

Where you are: internal

  • What is the value chain?
  • Why should you analyse the value chain?
  • What is outsourcing?
  • How does your cost structure compare with competitors'?
  • What is a competitive position?
  • How can you integrate your work?

Where you want to be and how to get there

  • Where is the source of your ideas?
  • How do value disciplines help businesses win?
  • How can you shift your competitive position?
  • How can you use the impact-effort matrix to prioritise?
  • How can you use the risk-return matrix to prioritise?

Turning ideas into action

  • How do you pull together your sources?
  • How do you scenario plan?
  • How do you present a strategy?
  • What is SWOT analysis?
  • How do you prepare for scrutiny?
  • What's the action plan?
  • What are the next steps?