Big Data


Everybody is talking about 'big data' but what does it actually mean? If harnessed correctly, 'big data' represents an opportunity to grow or improve business operations.

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01 January 2019 00:00
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01 January 2022 00:00
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Strategic finance and management reporting

Course overview

Wrong assumptions

  • What are the foundations of bad data?
  • What wrong assumptions do we make?
  • Why do we assume we know the answer?
  • Why do we assume cause and effect?
  • What are the problems with targets?
  • What are the problems with ranking performance?

Confusing data presentation

  • What types of data presentation can cause confusion?
  • What's the problem with using single-point comparisons?
  • Why aren't Red, Amber, Green displays useful?
  • What are the risks of using ratios and percentages?
  • What are the problems with averages and rolling averages?
  • Why aren't pie charts useful for measuring performance?
  • Why should we avoid using spider diagrams?
  • How can too much or too little data cause confusion?
  • How can measuring productivity drive bad data?

Effective data presentation

  • What are the principles of good data analysis?
  • What are the tools of clean data?
  • What is a run chart?
  • What does a control chart show?
  • What can a control chart tell us about variation?
  • How do we construct a control chart?
  • How should we express percentages and ratios?
  • What is the Pareto chart?
  • What do histograms show?
  • How do these tools aid effective performance analysis?

Using data to improve performance

  • How do we analyse performance data?
  • How do we monitor cost control?
  • How do we improve cost control?
  • What is the structure for performance management?