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Telephone enquiries

Our consultants are happy to discuss practice related queries by telephone with members. Of course our time and resources are limited, and we want to make this service as productive as possible. Because of the large number of enquiries, we aim to limit the duration of non-charged telephone consultations to approximately fifteen minutes. Before contacting us, we would ask you to consider the following:

  • Would your query be more easily dealt with through a face to face meeting with a consultant?
  • Is your query dealt with in one of our helpsheets?
  • Is your query technical in nature and can it be answered through the Technical Enquiry Service?

Contact us to arrange a confidential face to face consultation.

Practice networks

We support shared learning among practitioners. We facilitate the establishment practitioner networks throughout the country.

Members in practice committee

The MIP represents the interests of members from small and medium sized firms and is chaired by Ian Donaghey MBE from Coleraine.

If you would like to raise any topic that you think should be discussed by the Committee, please contact any of the members in confidence.

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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