Frequently asked questions about abatements

  1. I am a member on a low income. Do I qualify for a reduced subscription rate?

    Subscription rates are dependent on income levels.  

    Income means all your income, whether earned or unearned, from all sources.


    Income level   Euro     Sterling   
     Less than €20,000  €50  Less than £18,000  £35
     €20,000 to €30,000  €233 (40%)  £18,000- £22,500  £168 (40%)
     €30,000 to €40,000  €349 (60%)  £22,500 - £27,400
     £252 (60%)
  2. I will be on maternity leave during 2021. What membership options are available to me?

    As subscriptions are dependent on income levels, the amount you pay while on maternity leave will depend on your earnings throughout the year.

    Maternity pay from your employer and your Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is classed as income.

    You may qualify for a reduced fee if you cover your own subscription and are not reimbursed by your company;


    your income falls within the earning threshold for 2021.

  3. I am taking a career break. What membership options are available to me?

    Members who are on a career break to look after children or a sick relative and have no earnings will only need to pay the lower rate of €50 a year. If, however, you do have other earnings, such as income from property, you may need to pay another subscription rate depending on your income level.

    Career breaks are granted for a three year period meaning after initial application you will be billed the reduced rate for a further two years. Following this you will be asked to reconfirm your circumstances to us. 

  4. I have been on a career break and now plan to return to the workforce, what do I need to do?

    Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting experience. To help you plan your career break, we can offer guidance and support for when you are ready to return to work. There are free webinars available to help keep you up to date and we offer assistance to members through our Career Development and Recruitment Service.

  5. I am taking a career break to go travelling; do I qualify for a reduced subscription?

    We do not offer reduced subscriptions to members who are travelling, however if you are out of the country for the year when your subscription falls due you will be entitled to the overseas rate of subscription. To update your rate you will need to update your details here, then email and we will arrange to have your rate amended.

  6. How can I apply for a reduced rate subscription?

    You can apply for a reduced rate by sending details of your current circumstances and outlining the reason for your application to  all correspondence will be handled in the strictest confidence.

    If you are unsure of how to apply, please contact Lauren Carter or Paula Dreelan on +353 (01) 637 7346 or email:

  7. I was on a reduced rate last year, but my subscription seems to have increased to the full rate.

    Every year we require our members to confirm their current circumstances to ensure they are paying the correct subscription rate. If you are still eligible for a reduced rate, you can still apply for a reduction.

  8. I am currently unable to work due to illness. What membership options are available to me?

    If you are unable to work due to illness, please contact Julie Crawford or Paula Dreelan on +353 (01) 637 7346 or email to discuss how we can best support you.   

    Do not forget that as a member, you and your family are able to benefit from the additional support that Chartered Support have to offer. Chartered Support provides 24-hour advice and help, whether it be financial, emotional, or legal, should you require it. You can contact them using the below details:

    Call: (353) 86 024 3294
    24-hour helpline: 1800 111 888

  9. I was not aware that Chartered Accountants Ireland offered reduced subscriptions, I was on low-income last year and would have qualified. Can I please have a refund?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to consider refunds retrospectively.

  10. I have retired from employment, do I qualify for the retired rate or a reduced subscription?

    The retired rate of subscription is zero; in order to qualify for this rate you must have completed 40 years of membership.

    We understand that some member’s retire prior to this and should this be the case you can still apply for a reduction in your fees provided your income falls within the earning threshold for 2021.

    Income means all your income, whether earned or unearned, from all sources.

  11. What supporting documentation is accepted?

    Please see the supporting documentation requirements here.

  12. I am unemployed; what are my options?

    Our Career Development and Recruitment Service could be of assistance to you.

    Examples of the services provided:

    • Confidential one on one meetings (phone support also available)
    • Career advice and coaching
    • Mentoring support
    • Market, salary and benefits information
    • Advice during your salary review process
    • Support and guidance upon qualification
    • Interview advice and preparation including role play
    • Advice on CV preparation
    • Assistance with submitting applications
    • Support during a career change process
    • Advice on how to deal with a redundancy scenario
    • Support when returning to the workplace
    • Access to a panel of career guidance professionals nationwide
    • The service is member-centric and is designed to deal with your individual requirements in a confidential and professional manner.

    You can find further information here.

    Contact our careers service - talk to us:
    Phone: +353 1 637 7331

  13. I cannot afford to pay the reduced rate of subscription, but wish to maintain my membership, what are my options?

    CA Support is a registered charity which offers emotional and practical support to Chartered Accountants, Accounting Technicians, students, and their family members for life. Should you find yourself in a difficult situation, Chartered Accountants Support (CA Support) will help you through life’s ups and downs.

    No-one can predict what life will throw at them.  There may be times when you fall on hard times.  On occasion, we can step in to provide short-term financial support to give you a hand up if you are encountering serious hardship.

    Talk to us today if you need our support.

  14. Chartered Accountants Ireland Covid 19 Hub

    We have provided information, guidance and supports online to help members and students prepare and respond to the challenges of COVID-19 on our Covid Hub.

    Amid all of the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, CA Support want to reassure our members and students that we are here for you to provide as much support and advice as possible. Please visit our Covid wellbeing page for more information.

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