Pensions under the spotlight

Mar 08, 2018

Members of Chartered Accountants Ireland engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the private pension crisis in Ireland at a seminar with Institute President Shauna Greely held in Dublin last Tuesday evening (6 March 2018). The event also saw the formal launch of the Institute’s report 'Pensions in Ireland: A responsible way forward', which advocates auto-enrolment. View photos from the event >>>

In her opening remarks, President Shauna Greely said a change in mind set is required towards retirement planning in Ireland and enrolling in a pension should become the norm for every new worker. Charlie Weston of the Irish Independent was the keynote speaker on the night and said that its time workers started thinking of pensions as a form of saving for their lifetime rather than a complicated decision. 

Cróna Brady, Tax Manager, outlined the Institutes research in this area which advocates auto-enrolment and examines why people don’t provide for their retirement. The event was chaired by Dr Brian Keegan, Director of Public Policy & Taxation at the Institute, and there were lots of key take-aways from a well debated Q&A session which will greatly help the Institute with its continued work in this area.

Thank you to all of our members who supported this event.