Revenue’s new online Phased Payment Arrangement system

Mar 04, 2019

On 25 March 2019, Revenue will launch its online Phased Payment Arrangements (PPA) system which will allow taxpayers to pay tax liabilities under a phased arrangement using ROS. To use the new system taxpayers must hold a current ROS digital certificate. Revenue presented an overview of the new PPA system last week at Main TALC. Read on for more information on the new system.

The new PPA system is designed to move the current paper based system online. Taxpayers will be able to apply for and agree a PPA online via ROS.  The new system aims to increase case coverage, facilitate consistency in the phase payment application process and introduce a more systematic application of interest for late payment of tax. Taxpayers who currently have a PPA must register for ROS in order to manage and view the arrangement from 25 March onwards.

Tax agents who are acting for taxpayers in relation to a PPA, will need to have a client authorisation in place to be able to manage and view their client's PPA. This applies for both existing and new PPAs entered into from 25 March. The authorisation can be uploaded via the Online Phased Payment link in ROS.

The online PPA will have an inbox messaging system similar to MyEnquiries for communicating with Revenue. We have asked Revenue to include the caseworkers name and phone number on the messages to taxpayers/agents. According to Revenue taxpayers/agents will still be able to contact Revenue personnel via telephone should a taxpayer/agent feel it necessary. We will keep you updated on the new online PPA system once it is launched.

Read Revenue’s eBrief.