Important update - ROS system down and steps to over-ride Revenue's Income Tax surcharge

Nov 13, 2019
The 2018 Pay and File Income Tax Deadline was extended to 6pm today, 13 November 2019. We are aware that there continues to be issues with ROS when filing Income Tax Returns and that late fiing surcharges are applying.

We are in constant contact with Revenue regarding these issues and we will continue to keep our members updated on any developments. We will post all updates to our Twitter page

Revenue has provided the following 4 step guide for taxpayers to manually over-ride late filing surchges on Income Tax Returns.

To manually remove the surcharge taxpayers should;

1. Remove Surcharge from Column B
2. Agree with Revenue’s calculation [you are only agreeing with calculation to line (c)(ii) only]
3. Adjust Balance of Tax Payable / Tax Overpaid to reflect no surcharge in Column B
4. Enter note to say why the surcharge has been deleted.