Tech giant, Intuit, brings its cloud software to the Irish market (Sponsored)

Jul 30, 2020

QuickBooks Online has a new localised version for the Republic of Ireland market.

Today, some 4.5 million businesses and accountancy practices around the world use QuickBooks Online, the accounting software package which allows owners to run their business on the go anytime, anywhere, and on any device. By keeping accounts organised in the cloud, QuickBooks enables users to track sales, send invoices, and see how their business is doing wherever they are and whenever they need to.

Irish businesses and accounting professionals have been using QuickBooks Online for many years and, since 17 June, have been able to enjoy the benefits of a fully localised version of the software. “We did a lot of research with a large number of Irish customers to understand their needs and their pain points,” says Andrew Glenn, Senior Marketing Manager, Accountant Channel with Intuit. “Our Irish customers have had access to the QuickBooks product for many years, but we wanted to build a localised version that catered to their specific needs.”

One particular aspect was the VAT system. “There are several complexities to the Irish and EU VAT systems,” Glenn explains. “Our Irish customers have been able to work around this in the past, but we wanted to give them a product that automates the process and gives them confidence that the returns it produces are fully compliant with local regulations. We did a lot of research with both business and accounting customers. We’ve developed a localised product

for the Irish market and its particular VAT regime.”

The critical importance of the relationship between businesses and their accountants is at the core of the QuickBooks Online product. “Small businesses tend to be more successful when they have a direct connection to an accountant,” Glenn notes. “QuickBooks Online Accountant enables accountants to manage all QuickBooks client files in one place. It has specially designed dashboards to deliver insights into client businesses as well as manage communications with the client.”

QuickBooks Online Accountant is a free tool only available to accountants. “It is there to help accountants manage their clients and provide them with the best possible service. QuickBooks Online Accountant makes it easy for accountants to manage multiple clients.”

The key benefits of the free tool include a client dashboard; the ability to work with clients’ books in real-time from the dashboard; automatic notifications of which clients need attention; the ability to generate management reports for multiple clients; tax reporting; wholesale billing; and other valuable features.

What is one of the benefits? QuickBooks Online Accountant comes with a free ProAdvisor Programme membership for accountants. A ProAdvisor is a QuickBooks-certified independent accounting professional who can provide strategic insights to drive small business success. A training course to achieve certification has been developed specifically for the Irish market and is also available free with QuickBooks Online Accountant.

“This is a very valuable certification course,” Glenn points out. “The Certified Pro Advisor designation gives clients confidence that their accountant has the required level of expertise with the product. It also differentiates accounting professionals and sends a clear signal to the market and the business community.”

QuickBooks Online Accountant brings significant benefits to clients as well. “We live in a digital world and we want to help accountants become more efficient,” Glenn adds. “Ireland is a very tech-savvy market. We are giving accountants the tools their clients expect them to have. With QuickBooks Online, they can import information from banks directly into the client file with no time-consuming double keystrokes. The information comes in and it’s just a question of classifying or reclassifying it in accordance with pre-determined rules.”

Those efficiency gains enable accountants to deliver higher-value services to clients. “It frees up accountants’ time to help their clients to become more successful in the key areas of their business that require the most attention. That’s the really rewarding part of work for most accountants. We are taking away the manual work and allowing them to provide higher-level services to clients. Our platform helps them do that by giving them a suite of advisory and other tools to assist with running their practices and supporting their clients’ businesses.”

Automating repetitive tasks is increasingly important in today’s world. “Time is a precious commodity,” Glenn notes. “If people have more of it, they can spend it working on their business or with their families. With QuickBooks Online, they can automate key accounting processes and tasks with confidence.”

One of the key advantages of cloud-based products is that they are available to users anytime and anywhere. Even more importantly in an accounting product is the fact that it is updated continuously.

“QuickBooks Online advances all the time,” Glenn points out. “In the last 12 months, we have added a significant number of new functions and some very important innovations. We have also added several new banking partners in recent months, with AIB coming on board in March and Bank of Ireland following in April. Users can now send invoices with Gmail as well. That’s the advantage of the cloud; it allows us to deploy rapidly.”

It is indeed a significant advantage in the fast-changing world of financial reporting and taxation. “Governments often change regulations and legislation and that presents major headaches for business. Our product is constantly evolving to deliver solutions to those issues. We take those headaches away in the next system update.”

Market reaction has been very positive since the official launch of the new localised Irish product on 17 June. “We held a very successful virtual launch event with a large number of Irish accounting professionals and other key stakeholders taking part. It was important for us to demonstrate our commitment to the Irish market.

“We look forward to continuing to work with our Irish customers, learning from them and adding new functions to QuickBooks Online as the market requires.”

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