Business Decisions and Transaction Taxes (NI) 2017–2018

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Business Decisions and Transaction Taxes (NI) is the textbook for the FAE Elective in Taxation for students in the Northern Ireland, focusing on potential capital taxation liability and the VAT Implications of business decisions.

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This textbook provides students with a broader understanding of the framework in which taxation operates, from EU to local jurisdiction application. It also provides a detailed review of the capital taxation implications of business decisions, from individual and corporate perspectives, as well as an outline of the optimal business approach forminimising tax.

Value-added tax is a key topic on this FAE Elective course and the text discusses the VAT implications of various forms of property transaction, outlining the appropriate measures to optimise tax efficiencies. The VAT implications of a change in ownership of a business are also detailed.

The text presents clear learning outcomes for each topic, practical examples and a range of questions to strengthen students’ understanding. The text is updated to the UK Finance (No.1) Act 2017.

Format: Paperback, 258 pages
Publishing: September 2017

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