Vera Sackitey, PwC

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Does the Chartered Accountancy qualification offer security as a career?

Absolutely, given the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic and concerns around the economy there’s no better time than right now to obtain the Chartered Accountancy qualification. The Chartered Accountancy qualification is globally recognized and respected and it gives you flexibility like no other qualification.   Chartered Accountants are always in demand so you’ll never be out of work and can always switch from practice to industry which might be recession proof. The qualification also allows for continued professional development which should allow you to seek opportunities to gain the right exposure to add value to your existing role and skills and further maintain your job security.

Have you discovered flexibility in your career options as a Chartered Accountant? Do you feel you could move industry or country easily?

Yes, the flexibility in one’s career options/routes is what makes the Chartered Accountancy qualification very attractive and rewarding. The knowledge gained can be applied to any industry of your choice and once you’re qualified, there is a whole world of opportunity out there for you. You could work in many sectors such as Fintech, Pharma, Technology etc. or move to a new country easily and still be able to secure a role.

Can you share your thoughts on how flexibility to study from work or home could prove a real advantage?

The biggest advantage of studying remotely is the time saved when you no longer must commute or spend your evenings/weekends attending lectures. You can use this time to practice case studies and improve your exam technique. Also, you can work at your own pace and manage your own time efficiently and effectively. It might also be suited to some personalities. It is however essential that you have a routine /structure in place to ensure you don’t fall behind.

Tell us about your academic background?

  • St Joseph’s Stanhope Street – Leaving Cert (2007)
  • University College Dublin – Bachelor of Commerce (2010)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland – ACA (2017)

Why accountancy? 

Opportunities to work across so many different fields and organisations, a great stamp on your CV, a prestigious qualification and most top leaders in the financial services industry hold the qualification.

Why Chartered Accountants Ireland?

The qualification is highly regarded/respected in Ireland across multiple organisations. The course is structured and there are multiple entry routes offered.

Can you explain the Flexible Route to someone who doesn't know what it is?

The Flexible Route offers the flexibility to study and qualify as a Chartered Accountant outside of a training contract. You can switch to different companies while gaining your experience. You don’t need to demonstrate relevant experience until you’re about to sit the FAE.

What are the advantages to working and studying?

It helps develop and improve your time management, organisational skills and soft skills, offers the ability to obtain practical experience on the job and helps build a professional network.

Where have you worked and what kind of roles have you been in?

Permanent Tsb 

  • Customer Service Advisor 
  • Intermediary Mortgage Advisor 
  • Senior Auditor 
  • Financial Accountant (Secondment)


  • Assistant Manager Internal Audit Governance Risk Compliance – Risk Assurance Solutions 

How was combining work and study?

It was difficult managing both at the same time. Sometimes you’re exhausted and there isn’t enough time during the day to study after work so I guess that’s why you need to be fully committed to obtaining the qualification and be able to prioritise and manage your schedule. Despite all my best efforts, I encountered failures on the path to achieving my goal i.e. had to repeat exams. This was mainly due to my inability to balance the demands of working full time and studying. I evaluated my strategic plan and identified areas of weakness and potential areas of improvement in order to become efficient at balancing full time employment with studies.

You have to put in more effort on your part with your employer so that they understand your goals and provide you with the relevant support.

Would you recommend the Flexible Route to others? Why?

Yes, due to its flexibility and the supports provided by the Institute.

What advice would you give someone who is considering the Flexible Route?

It’s a great opportunity to obtain the accountancy qualification but you have to be fully dedicated and committed to making that happen. It won’t be easy and you may not pass the exams on first attempt but think about your long term goals - don’t give up and with hard work, commitment and determination you’ll get through them and qualify. The Institute also provides support to students so reach out if you feel like you could use those supports.

What success are you looking for?

The goal is to become a senior leadership/executive team member, drive successful innovation across the organisation while creating shareholder value, make a difference in society and be an inspiration to other young girls.

What are your future goals?

Short term:

Become internal audit manager within the next few months, develop an area of expertise and pursue internal or external courses within that area.


Work upwards to become a mid/senior manager and become a voice for inclusiveness and diversity in the workforce mainly for people from ethnic minorities.

Long term:

Join the senior leadership/executive team and drive successful innovation across the organisation while creating shareholder value.