Cork Institute of Technology

Exemption criteria - Bachelor of Business (Hons) Accounting [2017 onwards]

To claim exemptions from any part of CA Proficiency 1 (CAP1), candidates must achieve a minimum of a 2.ii honours degree. A clear pass without compensation in all relevant subjects is required as well as a mark of not less than 50% in the final examination in each of the subject areas. Details of criteria are available from the college.

CAP 1 subjects College/university options required
Finance FINA 8007 Advanced Financial Management
FINA 8008 Financial Risk Management
FINA 7002 Financial Management
FINA 7001 Financial Management
Management Accounting ACCT 8005 Strategic Performance Evaluation
ACCT 8004 Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT 7002 Advanced Management Accounting
ACCT 7001 Management Accounting
ACCT 6004 Cost & Management Accounting
ACCT 6002 Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting ACCT 7004 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT 7003 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT 6019 Financial Accounting
ACCT 6017 Financial Accounting
ACCT 6003 Accounting & Computer Applications
ACCT 6001 Accounting & Computer Applications
Taxation ACCT 8008 Advanced Income Tax
ACCT 7010 Corporation Tax, Capital Gains
ACCT 7009 Income Tax
Law for Accountants LEGS 7002 Introduction to Company Law
LEGS 7001 Introduction to Company Law
LEGS 6002 Irish Civil Law
LEGS 6001 Irish Legal System

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