Dublin City University DCU

Exemption criteria - BA Accounting & Finance

To claim exemptions from any part of CA Proficiency 1 (CAP1), candidates must achieve a minimum of a 2.ii honours degree. A clear pass without compensation in all relevant subjects is required and candidates must meet the criteria for individual subject exemptions. Details of the criteria are available from the university.

CAP 1 subjects College/university options required
Finance AC216/EF218 Corporate Financial Management & Investments
Management Accounting AC121 MA Principles and Concepts
AC223 MA Cost Systems
AC224 MA Planning & Control
AC320 MA Decision Making
Financial Accounting AC120 Financial Accounting 1
AC220 International Accounting Theory & Practice
AC303 Advanced International FA
Taxation AC305 Taxation
Law for Accountants LG101 Introduction to Law
LG102 Principles of Commercial Law in Ireland
LG201 Foundations of Company Law
LG202 Advanced Company Law

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