Institute of Technology Carlow

Exemption criteria - BA (Hons) Accounting

This exemption arrangement will be applicable to graduates of the programme who have achieved an overall minimum honours level of 2.ii honours or better, have a clear pass, without compensation in all subjects with a mark of not less than 50% in the relevant examinations identified on the template below. 

CAP 1 subjects College/university options required

FNCE H3332 Advanced Corporate Finance (50%+)
FNCE H2326 Corporate Finance (40%+)

Management Accounting

ACCT H3301 Advanced  Management Accounting (50%+)
ACCT H2309 Management Accounting (40%+) 

Financial Accounting

FNCE H3307 Financial Reporting (50%+)
ACCT H2308 Financial Accounting II (40%+)
ACCT H1325 Financial Accounting (40%+)


TAXS H3302 Taxation II (50%+)  
TAXS H2303 Taxation I (40%+)   

Law for Accountants

LAWS H2338 Corporate Governance & Commercial Law (50%+)
LAWS H1321 Business Law (40%+)   

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