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Exemption criteria - Business, Economics and Social Studies

To claim exemptions from any part of CA Proficiency 1 (CAP1), candidates must achieve a minimum of a 2.ii honours degree. A clear pass without compensation in all relevant subjects is required as well as a mark of not less than 50% in the final examination in each of the subject areas. Details of criteria are available from the college.

CAP 1 subjects College/university options required
Finance BU 2550 Introduction to Finance (Minimum mark of 50% required)
Management Accounting BU 3520 Management Accounting for Business Decisions (Minimum mark of 50% required)
Financial Accounting BU 2530 Introduction to Accounting (Minimum mark of 40% required)
BU 3530 Financial Accounting (Minimum mark of 40% required)
BU 4530 Financial Reporting & Analysis (Minimum mark of 50% required)
Taxation Not awarded
Law for Accountants Not awarded

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