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Exemption criteria - Bachelor of Business Studies

To claim exemptions from any part of CA Proficiency 1 (CAP1), candidates must achieve a minimum of a 2.ii honours degree. A clear pass without compensation in all relevant subjects is required as well as a mark of not less than 50% in the final examination in each of the subject areas. Details of criteria are available from the college.

Graduates prior to 2012 must have taken the double entry bookkeeping module in Trinity College in order to be granted the Financial Accounting exemption.

CAP 1 subjects College/university options required
Finance BU 2550 Introduction to Finance (Minimum mark of 50% required)
Management Accounting BU 3520 Management Accounting for Business Decisions (Minimum mark of 50% required)
Financial Accounting BU 2530 Introduction to Accounting (Minimum mark of 40% required)
BU 3530 Financial Accounting (Minimum mark of 40% required)
BU 4530 Financial Reporting & Analysis (Minimum mark of 50% required)
Taxation Not awarded
Law for Accountants Not awarded

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