About the Ulster Society

Chartered Accountants Ulster Society is the oldest district society of the Institute and serves around 4,500 members throughout Northern Ireland. The Chair is Pamela McCreedy.

The Ulster Society provides professional, educational and social services and events for its members (both in practice and in business) and is a strong voice for Northern Ireland's business sector. The Society also actively fosters relationships with other accountancy, professional organisations and government bodies.


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Presentations from the 'Risk Management - A Fresh Perspective' event run jointly with the Institute of Risk Management are now available in pdf format below: Carolyn Williams Risk Agenda - Ireland March 2017 David Mills presentation Mar 17 Davy Elliott Business as Usual  

Apr 12, 2017

“Public and Private Sectors must realise Northern Ireland’s potential together” says new Chair Pamela McCreedy has been elected Chair of Chartered Accountants Ulster Society at its 110th Annual General Meeting in Belfast. The Ulster Society represents over 4,000 Chartered Accountants and is a district society of Chartered Accountants Ireland, the largest and oldest professional accountancy body in Ireland. Mrs McCreedy, who takes over as Chair from Dawn Johnston, is Deputy Chief Executive/ Director of Operations for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. Prior to her current role, Mrs McCreedy held a senior role at the Health and Social Care Board and was Director of Transforming Your Care, leading the reform of health and social care services in Northern Ireland. Addressing the Society’s AGM, she said: “There is great potential in Northern Ireland but to realise that promise we need the power of the private and public sectors to work together. “We need a collaborative approach from business and the public sector if we are to deliver a sustainable local economy and the associated social, health and education benefits that we all want to see. My experience, both in practice and in the public sector has shown how important that partnership can be in delivering for local people. “It is more important than ever before to ensure that the public interest is represented ethically and with integrity. In the context of local political uncertainty and the challenges of the outworking of Brexit, the Chartered Accountancy profession and the business sector in general has a crucial role in the year ahead in advocating and lobbying Government and in demonstrating that Northern Ireland is open for business. “I know that our membership will embrace the challenges and I look forward to leading the Ulster Society in the year ahead.” Mrs McCreedy previously worked at the South Eastern Trust and was the Director of Public Sector Advisory in KPMG with specific responsibility for health and criminal justice. Mrs McCreedy trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and specialised in public sector audit and advisory since 1998. Prior to becoming Vice Chair of the Ulster Society in 2016, Mrs McCreedy served as Honorary Treasurer of the Society and as a member of the Chartered Accountants Ireland Strategy Committee in 2015. 

Apr 12, 2017

The Chair of Chartered Accountants Ulster Society has called for local political leaders to get back to the job in hand and focus on Northern Ireland’s main priorities to improve the daily lives of its people. Speaking to over 300 guests at the Ulster Society’s Annual Dinner, sponsored by MCS Group and Danske Bank, tonight (9 March), Dawn Johnston said: “We have witnessed a bruising period of political campaigning, but it is now time for our leaders to leave any prejudices, hurt, resentment, triumphalism, jealousies or egos at the door of the Assembly and get back to the job in hand. “We want responsible, accountable and mature leadership. We want a clear focus on society’s main priorities of education, health and welfare, roads and transport, the arts and environment and of course, our economy.  “We need a return to the aspirations articulated in the Programme for Government framework as our starting point. We need energy, determination decision-making and action which will bring those aspirations to reality. “We do not in any way underestimate the challenge of government. The life of a politician demands stamina, a thick skin, an ability to withstand constant media scrutiny and a sacrifice of personal time. But after weeks of campaigning we are weary of those on all sides calling for respect and equality whilst demonstrating the exact opposite through their tone of voice and body language. It is time to move on.  We need courage and we need accountability. “Those of us who are able will help our political leaders along the path. Those of us in business, whether as individuals or as business organisations, are willing to play our part. We are willing to work in collaboration with our political leaders and to bring all of the vigour and innovation that we demonstrate in our workplaces to benefit society. “I have lived in this country all my life and whilst we have battled many hardships and frustrations, the society in which we now live has progressed monumentally from the society of my teenage years. That proves to me that despite our diffidence and tendency to put ourselves down, we have great resilience. “We must never let obstacles set us back, we just need to find an alternative path together. We should dare to dream, take risks, and be proud of who we are and bold in what we can be. If we can combine those aspirations with a dose of humility and respect for each other’s values and views, and a willingness to form genuine partnerships then Northern Ireland can be a great place in which to live and to do business.” The Ulster Society Annual Dinner celebrated the theme of Commerce Meets Culture, highlighting the positive impact of business, the arts and sport working together. Speaking to guests at the event was Simon Callow CBE, actor, musician, writer, and theatre director. The Chartered Accountants Ulster Society’s Annual Dinner took place at the Culloden Hotel and was attended by over 300 members and their business guests.

Mar 09, 2017