Chartered Accountants Ireland Educational Trust

The Chartered Accountants Ireland Educational Trust was established in 1981. The principal objects of the Trust are to further and develop the science of accountancy in all its branches and to promote educational facilities for the teaching of the science and practice of accountancy, auditing, finance and other related subjects.

The Trustees interpret the science of accounting as including Audit & Assurance, Reporting to Stakeholders, Management Information, Taxation Policy and Procedures, Governance, Risk Management, Business and Professional Ethics, and Business Regulation. It would not normally include the separate sciences of Economics, Management Theory, and Business Studies.

The policy of the Trustees is to act as a catalyst for activities in the sphere of accountancy education and research and to provide financial assistance where such activities would not otherwise be feasible.

The Trust is particularly interested in collaborative projects between academics and practitioners.

Areas identified by the Trustees as appropriate for grant aid (together with an application form for use by grant applicants) are set out in the Trust's research agenda.


For further details on grant applications, please contact our office.

The Administrator
Chartered Accountants Educational Trust
Chartered Accountants House
47-49 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

T +353 1 637 7264

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